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Now Live On Indiegogo

✅ 293+ Pre Ordered

✅ 293+ Pre Ordered

Fastest, Cleanest Ice Maker

Unleash Freedom on Ice with the Fastest Ice Maker – Exclusive on Indiegogo


293+ Bought

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...Aizopa is the “USAIN BOLT” of icemakers! :0)...

Why Aizopa Countertop Nugget Ice Maker?

Get ready to make ice great again with Aizopa's Ice Maker, the fastest ice maker in the world! This isn't just an appliance; it's a testament to American ingenuity and a beacon of freedom in your kitchen. Join the movement by pre-ordering Aizopa exclusively on Indiegogo and be a proud part of this historic cool-down

Unmatched Speed

Aizopa shatters ice records! Experience American-engineered, instant ice – make ice at the speed of freedom.

Common-Sense Controls 

Seamless and user-friendly, Aizopa's interface ensures no-nonsense controls – as effortlessly intuitive as a spirited Fourth of July salute!

Ultimate Cleanliness

Food-grade parts, patented design, odor-free and clean-tasting ice. Pure refreshment in every cube.

Energy Efficient

Championing energy independence, delivering efficient ice-making for the true American chill experience!

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Can I change my address? ( Indiegogo Orders )

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Phone: +1 503 505 6948 | Email:

Contact Us

30 North Gould Street, WY 82801

Phone: +1 503 505 6948 | Email:

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